Tuesday, April 22, 2014

An Update from the Farm

While we have thoroughly enjoyed growing for you all, we recognize that 
other happenings at the farm and at Wildwood landscaping have prevented 
us from doing as much as we would like for the CSA. Therefore, we will be 
taking a hiatus this coming year (2014 season).

As you know, we are very passionate about local food and will therefore 
continue to grow produce at the farm for our own families. We will also 
continue to offer field trips for area schools in order to educate the future 
generation about the importance of using local and sustainable food sources.

Thanks to each one of you for your support of Wildwood and we will be sure to 
contact you once we are able to offer a CSA again.

In the meantime, happy eating.
Justin, Kelly, and Kara
And a note from Kara------
Since Wildwood Family Farms is still bustling with activity, I will continue to use this blog to 
keep our farm community apprised of what what is happening with the weddings, 
floral design, renovations, animals, and produce at the farm. 

The floral room has been cleaned and organized and is ready for another 
great wedding season. And Easter is a perfect time to get back into floral design
by putting together these beautiful Easter table centerpieces.

Happy spring,

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