Friday, January 25, 2013


Snow has finally arrived in Michigan. Everything outside is under snow and even the greens in the greenhouse are frozen. So, for all the winter CSA members, we have a week off and the hope that it will warm up a bit for next week.

snow covered kale

ice on the inside of the door to the greenhouse

frozen beauty
The pak choi still has a vibrant color but it is frozen solid. If it warms up a bit, all of the greens will take off again.

Farmer Justin's sprout experiment
The alfalfa sprouts are just starting to show a bit of white and green shoots.

We grabbed a handful of frozen kale to munch on the way home.
My kids ate the kale faster than I could pass it back to them which again shows how sweet kale becomes in the winter.

And not to stand on my soap box too long but I must mention how it warms my heart to raise kids who understand where their food comes from, who know and love their farmers, and who gobble up kale as if it is candy.

Stay warm and happy eating,
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